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Factors that Influence the Type and Quality Honey

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Honey is high enough demand by the public, are not comparable with the availability of honey in the market. This makes the sweet liquid is difficult to find and the price continues to rise. With the situation like this, eventually led to irresponsible people who use it to sell fake honey. Communities harmed by the circulation of fake honey is pretty much in the market.

Not only the poor quality of fake honey, even many sellers who make the fake honey honey with their own hands. Honey can only be processed naturally by bees in the hive, which is a natural extract from the flower or plant parts. Of course, efficacy or expected benefits from consuming honey, it will not be obtained if the honey consumed is false.

Meanwhile, to test the authenticity and quality of honey with the right, for this can only be done with sophisticated equipment in the lab. Some simple ways that is trusted by the public to verify the authenticity of honey, could not give a guarantee of the quality of the honey. Ways like honey dripping on paper, dripping honey in water in a glass, mix it with egg, put honey in the refrigerator, or test it with a match, could not give a guarantee that the honey has a good quality or guarantee its authenticity.

Here are the things that can affect the type and quality of honey,

Type of flower juice is absorbed by the bees

Type of honey produced by bees, can vary even with the same kind of bees. It is influenced by the season of flowers, because bees are producing honey extract of different flowers. And it also affects a lot or a little honey can be produced.

The emergence of honey by calling designations include the name of the coffee trees such as honey, honey gum, honey kapok, honey mango, or any other name. Is due to the types of flowers that are absorbed by the honey-producing bees, usually influenced by the seasons and the place or area the honey originated. Because of this difference was made honey produced will have a different kind. Type of honey does not have a big impact on the quality of honey, because this type of honey is determined only from the type of interest that is absorbed by the bees.

Water content in honey

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Many people believe that honey will not freeze when inserted into the machine cooler or refrigerator. In fact, honey has a moisture content varying. If the water level is high, then honey will still be frozen if included in the refrigerator. Water content in honey is influenced by the natural maturation process of honey in the hive.

The quality of honey is influenced by the maturation process of honey in the hive, honey is also influenced by the quality of its water content. When the bees take pollen from flowers or plants, pollen taken has a water content significantly. The water content of the nectar of flowers is the one that will affect the maturation process of honey in the hive. Good quality honey is honey that has a low water content, it is also true vice versa.

Many people believe that honey forest or wild honey taken from wild bees in the forest, have a better quality than honey cultivation. It can not be used as a benchmark, because the note is age or period of the honey harvest. The harvest of honey greatly affect the quality of the honey produced. Because the process of maturation of honey in the hive is also influenced by the maturation time. Honey of any type, if the honey in the hive ripening time is too short, then the honey will have a less good quality.

The period of maturation of honey in the hive ranged from four to six months, preferably honey harvested after six months to get a good quality honey, although within four months of the honey can be harvested. If a honey farmers understand this, then the honey produced will have good quality, because the harvest is well controlled. For those of you who want to get honey assured quality, better get honey from the honey bee farmers who are experienced and know about the quality of honey. Such farmers typically have had regular customers and do not sell honey if no honey is ready for harvesting.

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