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maintenance accu power car

Accu (accumulator) or battery important function for motor vehicles. In the past, this technology is also used for other electronics, such as television and radio. Serves as a storage battery electric power that can be used for various purposes systemic engine, such as turning on (starter). On motor vehicles, Accu serves as a supplier of electric power only.

Accu generally can survive within a period of 3-5 years depending on use and maintenance. Treatment can extend the life of the battery so that the user avoid the vehicle from a standstill due to lack of electricity supply in the vehicle. The following are important tips for vehicle owners to take care of the battery.

1. Avoid corrosion on the device

The nature of the acid in liquid Aki clearly accelerate the process of corrosion or rusting on metal-metal. Rust can shorten the life of the battery. Therefore, vehicle owners need occasional cleaning of the battery fluid spilled around metals such devices. Cleanup aims to prevent the battery from corrosion due to exposure to acidic fluids. This cleaning should not be done by the owner of the vehicle. Menservice when vehicle owners can ask the mechanic to contribute to clean the battery.

2. Avoid unnecessary

The purpose of the use of unnecessary is accidental use. Some vehicle users often forget to turn off the lights or other devices that use energy derived from the battery. The usage of this type of battery power drain due to lack of power supplied to the device. This usage also helped endanger the vehicle electrical settings.

accu power
3. Make sure the ACCU not dry (without power)

There when the vehicle owner does not use the vehicle for a certain period of time. Before reuse, the owner needs to make sure that the battery still has power. Drought on battery power further accelerate the process of damage to the battery. Although the technique is not used to heat the vehicle needs to be done on a regular basis by the owner of the vehicle. This will extend the life of the battery.

4. Check the accuracy of the installation of devices connected to the battery

One of the factors that affect the life of the battery is a way of laying battery. In each vehicle has a battery holder (place lay) which can be corroded and damaged due to exposure to acidic fluids. The owner needs to periodically check to make sure the holder is not damaged. Damaged holder can create unstable battery while the vehicle is moving or walking. This will shorten the life of the battery.

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